Month: Dec 2019

São Miguel – Exploring The Azores Islands

During my time as an Erasmus student in Faro, Portugal I had quite a lot of time to think about my next travel destinations and I wanted them to be special ones. Portugal is a really good base for traveling, in only a few hours you get to see Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco or the beautiful Algarve itself – and of course the Azores or Madeira. I compared Madeira and the Azores and decided for myself that the Azores would be more adventurous.

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About Packing The Right Way

First of all, you need to answer three important questions for yourself:
1. What do I know about the luggage restrictions of the transportation I take?
2. Am I planning to walk more than half a day at a time with my backpack?
3. For how long am I gonna be away in total?

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