Programmatic Advertising, Websites & more

Marketing Strategy

Let’s look at your current overall  marketing strategy and find potential improvements or new channels to meet your audiences’ needs.

 I can help you gain more awareness and traffic trough inventing and implementing new marketing strategies for you. 

Programmatic Advertising

My specialty – as a programmatic trader at a DSP I gained a lot of experience and I will always know how and where to reach your target audience best to achieve your goal KPIs. I can help you with Google Ads, MediaMath, Facebook Ads, and more.

You prefer a different platform? No problem, I’m a fast learner and always open for new things.

Website Creation

You’re looking for someone to build your website? Then I’m the one!

Contact below for our first brainstorm session together and I will create your website in no time.

The website includes also SEO optimization and if needed a Google Business profile can be created and optimized as well. Lean back and let me take care of your online presence.

A few lines about me

I’m an ambitious digital media manager, passionate about travel, marketing & technology. Fast learner with analytical thinking.

Currently working as a Programmatic Trading Specialist at MediaMath I have the best insights in what’s trending in the marketing world right now. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients in the past and helped them with developing their marketing strategies and achieve their performance goals – being small startups and globally known brands.

I’ve always loved writing and therefore have also experience in content creation and SEO optimization as well as backgrounds in traditional offline marketing.

At the moment I’m focussing a lot on further improving my analytical and technical skills and therefore I’m learning how to write and use Python scripts.

I am focusing on further expanding my self-employment by looking for new exciting projects. I am currently working for clients in the medical and travel sector.

For more check out my LinkedIn profile below:


Drop me a message: hello@jennylee.de