An Experience

… you’ll never forget! Join me on my journey exploring Africa! Starting with my big trip around South Africa and then on the second trip through beautiful Tanzania THIS YEAR!

Mystery South Africa Camping Trip

9th – 22nd Dec 2023

This will be that ONE trip you’ll never forget! Join me on this adventure discovering South Africa the non-tourist way! I put a lot of effort in finding a local tour guide who can show us off the path routes avoiding tourist crowds along the way and rather showing us the REAL Africa. For me the culture is a very important factor so our trip will be a mix of adventure, wild animals and learning from locals about their beautiful country!

“THIS is Africa, the real Africa! Do it not for your bucket list, do it for yourself – because this trip will change your life!”

Tanzania Wilderness' Best Experience

27th Nov – 7th Dec 2023

What’s waiting for us? Legendary safaris & other outdoor adventures! Join me and our local guide Hannu starting our trip at the slopes of Kilimanjaro passing several National Parks (Serengeti) and more while staying in the most beautiful lodges and camps around Tanzania!

Life-Changig Trips through Africa with me

I would've never believed it if anyone told me that I would be travelling Africa this year! But as many of you know – in life nothing ever comes as expected! Therefore, I'm embracing this new journey of discovering a whole new continet of this beautiful earth and I'm more than happy to be able to share these wonderful new experiences with YOU. If you're hesitant then feel free to send me a mail to or contact me below on the socials: