Month: May 2018

Mexico Travel Diary (III)

Once we got to the capital – or let’s say a lousy old house next to the highway (which was the bus stop of Mexico City) we got picked up by a friend and went to have dinner right after at a place called taquerias el fogón.

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Mexico Travel Diary (II)

The next morning, still in Guanajuato we went to the center again to grab a coffee, some fresh strawberries and to relax in the sun. After saying goodbye to our Colombian friend the road trip continued as we drove to San Miguel de Allende. First thing I realized when we got there: All the houses consist only out of one floor which made the streets look so beautiful and unique. Some of the colorful houses had saloon doors which reminded me of the Wild West and there were those old bocho cars everywhere. The city was one of the Pueblos Mágicos until it became a UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.

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Mexico Travel Diary (I)

Mexico Travel Diary (I) Getting to Mexico was not as easy as I thought. I was supposed to fly over New York but since there were really bad snow storms no planes could land there and they had to move me to another flight – a direct flight to Mexico City. First, I was glad …

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