Mexico Travel Diary (II)

May 9, 2018
Written by: Jenny

Mexico Travel Diary (II)

The next morning, still in Guanajuato we went to the center again to grab a coffee, some fresh strawberries and to relax in the sun. After saying goodbye to our Colombian friend the road trip continued as we drove to San Miguel de Allende. First thing I realized when we got there: All the houses consist only out of one floor which made the streets look so beautiful and unique. Some of the colorful houses had saloon doors which reminded me of the Wild West and there were those old bocho cars everywhere. The city was one of the Pueblos Mágicos until it became a UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.
As we got closer to the city center and to the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel which is a beautiful architechtured church, we passed a lot of little stands where you could buy flower wreaths (made out of real flowers). Of course I couldn’t hesitate to buy a matching one to my dress before we went to have the best lunch I had during the whole Mexico trip. Rincón de Don Tomás is the name of the restaurant and it’s right next to the church and the typical park that every Mexican city center seems to have. These parks are always surrounded by those special trees whose leaves are so thick and close together that no sun can come through and everone underneath them is in shade.
Sadly we didn’t have a lot of time to spend in this beautiful city so we had to leave after getting some yummy churros from a street stand for dessert. We would be driving another three hours to get to our next stop: Ecological – and they told me that driving in the dark on those roads was really dangerous in Mexico, especially for a group of girls. But these three hours in the car were not boring at all! We passed a giant wild fire which was right next to the street we were driving on and saw the most beautiful sunset you can imagine. I was scared to death a few times – and not only because of the wild fire but because of everyone in Mexico driving like they are crazy and not respecting the rules at all. There are so many bumps on the streets that you get totally shaken up and then there are people sitting on top of other people’s trucks on the highways which is super dangerous and bus stops right at the highway.
Before getting to the Echological we had to pass some really old pueblas from the 70s with really bad streets and housing situations. My friends told me that the Indios who live there, the Chichimecas, are really poor and don’t have internet or smartphones.
When we finally got to Echological – which was really in the middle of nowhere and not to find with Google Maps since there was no internet – we were super exhausted and it was already late so we decided to make a bonfire and some s’mores.
The next morning was another wonderful day with sun and no clouds and when I woke up in our comfy cabin I got to see all the beautiful landscape around us that I didn’t get to see the night before since it was dark. The mountains surrounding us in addition to the fauna consisting of only cactuses and some bushes looked great! After lunch we went horse riding on the two horses that you can see in the pictures and I just loved it because it gave me the feeling of being free. 
But there was so much more to explore in that place so went for a hike on a nearby mountain – accompanied by some of the cute dogs that were running around free everywhere – to enjoy the view from up there. After we got back down to Echological we decided to do lancha which means canoeing on the little lake that was next to our cabin. The lancha was fun and it felt good to cool down a little bit after being so active all day but then we saw a snake on the water and everyone was scared – now we had to be careful not to fall inside the water – but we made it!
We really enjoyed the adventurous and also quiet time we had in Echological – because we had no internet either but had to return to La Piedad at the end of the day to get to our next big stop the day after: Mexico City. On the way to La Piedad we saw another beautiful sunset and passed a few donkeys carrying water for the Chichimecas – a totally stereotype for Mexico.
But my Mexico trip was not over yet – wait for part 3!

Check out my Photo Gallery for more pictures of Mexico and other beautiful spots.

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