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New York City In 2 Days

Since I’ve been an aupair very close to the New York State border I’ve been to the city a lot. Also I had a lot of friends and family visiting who I wanted to show all my favorite places in NYC. Most of the times they only bought limited time and since there’s sooo much to explore in this awesome place I kinda created my own tour around Manhattan and I’m gonna share it with you:

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Pack List For Backpackers

How I managed packing for 3 weeks and 2 different climates with only one 50L backpack? Read here what I packed. And always keep in mind: Less is more! It’s totally normal to bring too many things on your first trip but you’ll learn pretty fast which things you really need while travelling and which you can leave at home. If you want to skip the heavy lifting, here’s my pack list:

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Road Trip Through Europe

2 weeks, one car, 2 people, 5.638 kilometers, 8 countries, 5 coasts, 2 mountains crossed, 14 different spots to sleep, one blowout and countless french baguettes. That’s what summarizes best our little Eurotrip.

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How to Survive a Long Distance Flight

While booking a flight you are the one that doesn’t look for the cheapest price but for the shortest flight? I want to give you some ideas of what you can do to survive a long-distance flight.

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São Miguel – Exploring The Azores Islands

During my time as an Erasmus student in Faro, Portugal I had quite a lot of time to think about my next travel destinations and I wanted them to be special ones. Portugal is a really good base for traveling, in only a few hours you get to see Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco or the beautiful Algarve itself – and of course the Azores or Madeira. I compared Madeira and the Azores and decided for myself that the Azores would be more adventurous.

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