Pack List For Backpackers

February 5, 2020
Written by: Jenny

Pack List for Backpackers

How I managed packing for 3 weeks and 2 different climates with only one 50L backpack? Read here what I packed. And always keep in mind: Less is more! It’s totally normal to bring too many things on your first trip but you’ll learn pretty fast which things you really need while travelling and which you can leave at home. If you want to skip the heavy lifting, here’s my pack list:

  1. Travel documents and copies (Passport, Travel Insurance, Visa, Flight Ticket(s))
  2. Clothes for 5 days (max.!)
  3. Underwear for 5 days (max.!)
  4. Bikini
  5. Cap
  6. Bandana
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Microfiber towel
  9. Hipback
  10. Sleeping Bag (Didn’t need it in the end but it’s always better to have one.)
  11. Mosquito Spray
  12. Pain Relief Pills
  13. Sunscreen (Really important and I underestimated the sun completely. Always bring it from home. In countries like Cuba they don’t have a lot of stores that sell it.)
  14. Facewipes (You’ll thank me later, when being in a place without a shower. It’s at least something that makes you feel fresh.)
  15. Bottle with a filter straw (Didn’t need that one in Cuba either but you never know.)
  16. Camera
  17. Chargers for all my electronics plus and adapter
  18. Comfy Shoes that can get wet and dry fast
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