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Discover Portugal

I’m so lucky I got to spend the last semester before Covid-19 in Faro, Portugal. That’s why I’ll give you some travel advices for Portugal and especially for the Algarve region.

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Why travelling makes you a better person

Things that just came across my mind:
When I started travelling I didn’t feel it yet and I didn’t recognize any changes. But then I moved to the US and lived there for over a year that’s what changed me and my views on the world completely. If you don’t travel you never get to know other cultures and you never learn to question yourself or your habits which is helping you to grow your personality.

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Cuba Trip

Travelling to Cuba feels like going back in time. A mix of the middle age and the 60s/70s.

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Travel The Dominican Republic – During The Elections & Corona

My trip was completely different from what I expected it to be. The Corona crisis changed my travel plans and I almost got stuck on the island for an undefined time. But this post won’t be just about that. I’ll also talk about the Dominican Republic and how I fell in love with this country in only 12 days.

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Dominican Republic Travel Route

You might have read my last post about traveling the Dominican Republic during the elections and corona. If so, you already know that I had to change my travel plans a bit. I couldn’t do any of the things that I planned but I spent two weeks on research and planning the trip. I don’t want to keep all that information from you so here’s my travel route for the Dominican Republic! You can either get around with a rental car or by buses/taxis but the second option will be more expensive and inflexible.

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