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Coworking trip to Madeira

Working remotely gives us the unique chance of working from the most beautiful places on earth. I chose to join a coworking trip with people from joinmytrip to work from the beautiful island Madeira.

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Discover Portugal

I’m so lucky I got to spend the last semester before Covid-19 in Faro, Portugal. That’s why I’ll give you some travel advices for Portugal and especially for the Algarve region.

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Cuba Trip

Travelling to Cuba feels like going back in time. A mix of the middle age and the 60s/70s.

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Dominican Republic Travel Route

You might have read my last post about traveling the Dominican Republic during the elections and corona. If so, you already know that I had to change my travel plans a bit. I couldn’t do any of the things that I planned but I spent two weeks on research and planning the trip. I don’t want to keep all that information from you so here’s my travel route for the Dominican Republic! You can either get around with a rental car or by buses/taxis but the second option will be more expensive and inflexible.

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New York City In 2 Days

Since I’ve been an aupair very close to the New York State border I’ve been to the city a lot. Also I had a lot of friends and family visiting who I wanted to show all my favorite places in NYC. Most of the times they only bought limited time and since there’s sooo much to explore in this awesome place I kinda created my own tour around Manhattan and I’m gonna share it with you:

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