Toronto Travel Diary

November 9, 2018
Written by: Jenny

Toronto Travel Diary

So this trip was quite complicated so far I’m trying my best to explain you the situation.
I’ve been to a lot of big cities in Europe and America so far but Toronto is different from everything I know. The transit system for example – they only have 4 subway lines, a few street cars and busses. I had to figure out how to use those tokens you need to use the TTC the right way. Also, there are small houses in the middle of the city which you can’t find anywhere in Manhattan or Berlin for example. It’s funny that you can see an old one-floor building next to a brand-new skyscraper next to an Ukrainian church – everything is possible here. I love the architecture throughout the whole city because it’s so various and they keep building new buildings everywhere. I stayed in Toronto one week. Some might ask now: isn’t that too long? But no, it’s exactly the right amount of time you need to explore the city. I visited Nathan-Philipps-Square, City Hall and the Toronto-Sign next to it, Union Station, Chinatown, Kensington Market, Trinity Bellwoods Park, the CN-tower, the Royal Ontario Museum (I didn’t go inside tho, just wanted to admire the beautiful architecture of the Lee-Chin-cristal building), Casa Loma, the Spadina Historic House & Gardens, Distillery District and of course I went to the waterfront of the Lake Ontario and to the Toronto Islands. I usually love Italy and Little Italies in other cities but here in Toronto I didn’t find out why they call this specific area Little Italy – had nothing to do with it, but that’s my opinion. I also didn’t like the fact that they ask for money for the museums and historic sights. That was the only reason that stopped me from going inside the Royal Ontario Museum, the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Casa Loma and Fort York. The good thing is, I got to see a free admission exhibition by Louis Vuitton close to Union Station which was really cool! 
Here are some impressions of what Toronto looks like but check out my Photo Gallery for more.

Let's get to the yummy part: What did I eat?

So for those of you who don’t know me: I love Hispanic food – which means I had a lot of tacos and burritos instead of the typical burger. But of course I also had some burgers because they put maple bacon on them here (so tasty!!). A fun thing to eat is the black ice cream in a black come that you can buy at Ihalo Krunch close to Vog Vault – a shoestore where you can take pictures in a non-gravity room, pretty cool! On the free Graffiti Tour that I took I learned a lot about different graffiti styles and artists but I also found out that Canada is not only famous for it’s maple syrup but also for it’s blueberries – didn’t know that before. That’s everything about Toronto so far but my trip isn’t over yet – I let you know what I experienced in Cuba in one of my next blog posts so stay tuned!

Check out my Photo Gallery for more pictures of Toronto and other beautiful spots.

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