5 Travel Advices For You

September 10, 2019
Written by: Jenny

5 travel advices for you

Since my last few posts were very long – here’s a short one with five quick travel advices for you that make travelling much easier and less complicated.

A world without internet? Can’t imagine that anymore! Especially while travelling where you wanna share every single experience with the world. Luckily there’s free Wi-Fi in so many places in the world – you just need to know where to find it! For example, in the USA, there’s a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts at literally every corner and they always have Wi-Fi. In every public institution like a library, museum or even a swimming pool or any kind of restaurants, cafés and shopping malls there’s free Wi-Fi. At airports, free Wi-Fi mostly is limited but you can add more time if you pay for it. Even at grocery stores and pharmacies like Stop&Shop, CVS and Walgreens you can find Wi-Fi, also at most hotels and hostels. If you’re in a place where you just can’t find Wi-Fi – or the password you might need – don’t hesitate to ask someone!

This one is harder to find: A plug or a place to charge your mobile device – but it’s not impossible. Of course, there are plugs at airports but also special charging stations at shopping malls and sometimes even in the streets of big cities like New York City. Starbucks has those awesome tables that charge your phone automatically when putting it down (but sadly not every Starbucks) and almost every Dunkin Donuts has at least one plug.

Imagine your wallet was stolen and luckily there were only 5$ inside but also your ID or passport. These are the documents you need to get back to your home country or let’s say to get anywhere. Everyone knows how long it takes to get a new passport or ID so better make copies, also one of your drivers license, credit card and your insurance card if you have one. It’s gonna be helpful if things are lost, believe me!

I usually never bring a wallet when I’m travelling – such an easy target for thieves. It’s better to separate the money you’re bringing – also from your credit card and ID so in case someone is stealing from you there’s always a backup. But even if some people recommend – I never put money in my checked bags because I’m just too scared someone will take it.

Of course, so many things can go wrong while travelling, the weather can be bad, flights can be cancelled or missed, personal belongings can get stolen or lost … But the important thing is: Just be prepared for every situation and you won’t feel as sad about it. Don’t be frustrated is things don’t go like they were planned, accept changes and be creative if needed. Make the best out of every situation and be thankful for your experiences. Even be thankful for your mistakes because making mistakes is human and you’ll learn from them. Ask for help if needed – I asked for help sooo many times just because it makes life so much easier.

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